The Counseling Staff recognizes that you may be feeling additional stress at this time.
      We are available to help.
    What's New:
    Respect Week  October 4- 8 Respect Week: Daily Challenge
    Thursday, September 23rd Back-To-School-Night (Virtual) Directions: How to access your child's sessions.
    Family Resources:

    Children's Mobile Response Telehealth (Video Conference) Information

    NJ Mobile Response

    NJ Children's System of Care Information 


    Family and Student Resources: 

    1-800 Hotlines

    State of New Jersey: Department of Children and Families



    1. Take a Mindful moment – Practice keeping your body still and quiet while listening to silence.
    2. Deep breathing – Utilize an inhale/exhale rhythm.  Bring yourself back into focus and no one else.
    3. Relaxation – Bring your energy to a nice, calm state. Use relaxing music or guided imagery.

    Inner Well 

    Student Tips for Success:

    Hold yourself accountable by doing your classwork and homework.  Grades Matter!

    Create a regular study space without noisy distractions. 

      • Is the television on?- Remember we can hear and see the television program.
      •  Are you using your cell phone?- Remember we can see and hear you using FaceTime, texting, and looking down at your phone.

    Be engaged

    • Participate!
    • Camera On!
    • Microphone On!
    • Showing your full face, not just random body appendages!

     Stay organized

     Attend Extra Help Sessions

    •  Have you taken advantage of the extra help opportunities that your teachers are offering?  Check with your teacher for the day and time. 

    Parent Tips for Success:

    Power school- Your Best Resource For:

    • Semester progress comments 
    • Class grades which are continuously available to monitor academics
    • Daily attendance records
      Please call the counseling office if you need any assistance with access.
    What should I do if my child is not achieving to his/her ability level?

    Talk to your student.  Find out what she/he/they are struggling with and what steps have been taken to receive help. 

    Email the teacher:

    • Does the struggle pertain to: completion of assignments, assessments, homework, and/or behavior? 
    • Ask what interventions may be necessary to improve the achievement level within the class?
    • Ask when extra help sessions may be available?

    Check out the various Park Club Offerings  Many students need to socialize, make new friends, and engage in activities. 

    In grades 6-8 S.T.A.R. is a critical time to receive help, check-in with teachers, and/or complete assignments.

    At home, consider a routine check-in system for work completion and positive reinforcement.

    Counseling Staff
    Grade 5 and 7 Counselor
    Christina Krasovsky
    (908) 322-4445 ext. 21601
    Grade 6 and 8 Counselor
    Jason Cross
    (908) 322-4445 ext. 21602
    Administrative Staff
    Grade 5 and 7  Secretary
    Miriam Moya
    (908) 322-4445 ext. 21005
    Grade 6 and 8  Secretary
    Cybil Brown
    (908) 322-4445 ext. 21006