• CHILD Overview

    The C.H.I.L.D. Organization of Scotch Plains Fanwood

    (Children Having Individual Learning Differences)

    We are a small, volunteer, non-profit organization that provides help and resources to families with children that have learning differences and/or disabilities. We provide FREE monthly meetings to parents, teachers and professionals that have or work with children. Additionally we offer professionals the opportunity to earn Professional Development Hours when they register with CHILD and attend our workshops. Meetings and workshops generally take place downstairs at the Municipal Building in Scotch Plains.

    During the year we also plan various events for Scotch Plains, Fanwood students as well. In the spring, CHILD organizes The Transition to Middle School and Transition to High School for Success programs. Both programs are a multi pronged approach aimed at helping transitioning students that are currently in 4`h grade and 8`h grade to achieve greater results and success as they transition into the Middle School or High School.

    Towards the end of the school year CHILD organizes and implements the Recognition Night & Awards Ceremony. Honorees are Scotch Plains or Fanwood children that attend school in district or out of district, who are receiving any level of support, special education or student services. Attendees include entire families, teachers and administrators.

    Volunteers play a big part in helping CHILD. Their support is integral for successful programs. Student volunteers that help CHILD, earn Letters of Recognition regarding their Student Community Service. Additionally, guidance counselors are sent copies of these letters for the participating student's High School Polfolio. This important documentation will, at the appropriate time, be included in the college application process.


    CHILD is active in growing awareness and promoting education and resources within all areas of the community. CHILD serves on the general committee of The Municipal Alliance Committee and is a representative on the Board of the Fanwood Recycling Center.


    Additionally, CHILD has actively participated in Focus Groups for Pre-Published Resource Books and the Task Force for Recommendations for County Alcohol and Drug Abuse Plans at Prevention Links. CHILD also took part in the Informational Sessions re Self-Assessment/Monitoring Process focused on improving results and functional outcomes for students with disabilities, co-sponsored by New Jersey's Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs (NJOSEP) and the Statewide Parent Advocacy Network (SPAN).


    If you should have any questions or would like to inquire about CHILD, please call 908.322.4020.

    For more information please go to our website: http://www.childorgspf.org/