• September 2019

    Dear 7C Families,

    Welcome to 7th-grade science.  I am excited to begin my sixth year at Park Middle School.   My goal for each student is to develop their sense of curiosity about the world around them and to ask effective questions.  Our classroom discussions and lessons allow us to refine our skills of making detailed observations and drawing conclusions based upon evidence.   In addition, we will work in teams to improve our communication and collaboration skills. 

    Areas of Study:

    Science and engineering practices

    Laboratory tools (microscope)

    Properties of Matter

    Physical and Chemical Changes

    Cell Structure and Function

    Human Body Organ Systems


    Change in species over time


    Single binder with 3 sections (or section of larger binder), paper, pencils & highlighter.  


    Marking period grades result from the following categories: homework, quizzes, tests, lab reports and projects.  The cumulative points earned in each category results in the final marking period grade. 


    PowerSchool is updated daily and is the most timely way for families and students to monitor progress.  If you are in need of a username and password to gain access to PowerSchool, please contact the counseling department at (908) 322-4445 ext. 2207.


    Homework (HW) assignments will be checked in for a grade and sometimes completion.   HW assignments are typically worth 5 points. Any missed assignments from the current unit of study can be handed in for half credit.

    Absences/ Missed Classes:

    Students are expected to complete missed work after an absence.   After an absence occurs, it is the student’s responsibility to discuss work missed with their lab team and teacher.  In the case of extended absences, arrangements will be made to help the student complete missed work.

    If classes are missed for band, chorus, quest etc it is the responsibility of the student to inform the teacher of the absence beforehand.  Assignments will be given to the student prior to the absence and submitted on time.

    Classroom Expectations:

    Our classroom interactions will be grounded in 2 simple rules.

    1. Respect for yourself, peers and staff.  
    2. Always try your best.


    All HW assignments and quiz/ test dates can be found on the shared 7C google chart. Various resources will also be available on the science google classroom.  Additional information can be found on my teacher page. To access the page go to:


    1) Upper right-hand corner click on Our Schools- Park

    2) Upper right-hand corner click Teacher Pages- Cinella, Lynne


    I will check my email (lcinella@spfk12.org) multiple times a day.  Any student or parent with questions or concerns, feel free to send an email.  You will find that my responses are very prompt.

    Parents/ guardians:  I can also be reached at Park Middle School by calling 908-232-6161.




    Ms. Lynne Cinella

    Park Middle School- Science Teacher