• Past Due Assignments


    The following are a list of assignments that are PAST DUE. If you come across any of these assignments in your binder or accordion folder make sure to turn them in ASAP


    1. 1.2 Homework: Read Section 2.1 (pg. 43-46) and answer questions 1-4 on page 46. This was due on Thursday 1/30/20.

    2. Air Pressure Lab: Finish the air pressure lab questions. The lab was due Friday, 1/31/20.

    3. The Coriolis Effect: Finish the Coriolis Effect activity questions. The Activity was due Monday, 2/3/20.

    4. Global Winds Activity: Finish the Global Winds Activity for homework if you did not finish it in class. This was due on Wednesday 2/5/20.

    5. Portfolio Reflection: Student Portfolio Reflection was due back signed by parent/guardian by Thursday, 2/6/20.

    6. 1.4 Homework: Read Section 1.4 and do questions # 1-4 on pg. 33. This was due Tuesday, 2/11/20.

    7. All 3 stations (Tornadoes, Droughts, and Hurricanes) were due on Friday 2/28/20. If you click on classwork on top of the Google Classroom Page you will see a post for each one with any resources you might need. 

    8. 2.1 Outline: This was due on Friday, 2/28/20. Use the textbook pages attached below to finish the assignment.

    9. Mineral Lab: Mineral labs were due by Friday 3/6/20 if you did not finish in class.