• Please check the "Homework" assignment under Classwork in Google Classroom for nightly homework.
    In general, homework assignments are as follows:

    Reading - Read 25 minutes each night.

    Math - Math Study Links are assigned Monday through Thursday. Please let me know if your child experienced difficulty completing the assignment, so that I can further review the skill with your child.

    Words Their Way - Assignments are given Monday through Thursday. Please read procedures below! 

    Word Study Procedures
    Study your rules/patterns every night during the week! 
    Cursive Written Sort
    Use your best cursive handwriting to write your sort under the appropriate headings.  Don't forget to also write your rules or patterns for the week!
    No Peek Sort
    Ask someone at home to help you with this sort.  First, explain your rules/patterns to the person you are working with.  Next, ask them to read the words to you.  You should spell the word out loud and then tell which category the word should fall under.  If the words is an oddball, make sure to explain why it doesn't fit in the sort.  When you are done, carefully check your work using your written sort as a reference.  
    Speed Sort
    Set a timer for the amount of minutes assigned for homework.  Complete your sort as many times as you can during that time.  Try to beat your in-class score!  Record your score in your notebook and ask for a signature from the person who was with you when you did your homework.  Study your rules/patterns for the week.
    Place all of the word cards scattered on a surface word-side down.  Flip over two cards at a time.  If the cards fit in the same category, keep them.  If they do not, flip them back over and try again!  *You can also play this with a partner if you teach them your rules/patterns.  
    Write detailed sentences using your word study words.  Each sentence should show that you understand the meaning of the word.