• Dear Coles Parents/Guardians,

    Donating a “Birthday Book” to the Coles Library has been an extremely popular and beneficial program that we would love to continue year after year!  If you prefer to donate, you and your child can choose any one book from our "Coles Library Birthday Book Wish List."  You may then purchase a new hardcover copy from any website/store.  Please note again that hardcover books are preferred due to their durability and shelf life!  Another important note, please be sure to double check the wish list prior to purchasing as to ensure the library does not receive any duplicate books.

    When you are ready with your book donation, write on a post-it note or notepaper and place inside the book: (1) your child’s name, (2) classroom teacher, and (3) his or her actual birthday.  Then, just have your child bring the book into the library any day (it doesn’t have to be on their exact birth date!) and I will work on getting it ready for Coles students ASAP!

     We would truly be thrilled to accept your generous book donation on your child's behalf!  Thank you for your continued support and I look forward to working with all the Coles students this year.




    Mrs. Stephanie Giannacio

    Coles Media Specialist