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    Thank you for your commitment in serving the Coles School community. 

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    We are looking to celebrate our staff and teachers, plan for committee leads for the 2020-2021 school year and if you have a Kindergarten in your house or know a family who does, please remember to register them for school next year ASAP and attend a virtual orientation!
    Virtual Kindergarten Orientation - May 20, 2020
    If you have an incoming Kindergarten, please join the Coles staff on Wednesday, May 20th at 10 am to hear about the Kindergarten experience and to ask questions during a virtual Kindergarten Orientation!
    ***You must register for the orientation and your child must be registered for Kindergarten in the district.***
    If you have not yet registered your child for Kindergarten, you can complete the online registration. Not all the information is needed right now, such as a physical.
    Help Celebrate our Coles Staff and Teachers!
    We are also looking for donations to help celebrate our AMAZING staff and teachers with e-gift cards!  Login to MobileArq and visit the Online Stores and visit Staff Appreciation!  Donations accepted until May 20th!
    2020-2021 PTA Planning - Join our Amazing Team!
    Coles Old LogoWe are moving forward with planning our 2020-2021 PTA Committees. If you feel passionate about something related to our amazing PTA Committees, we encourage you to submit your interest.
    Click here for a link to all the committee needs and descriptions.  Included in that PDF is also a link to complete for committees you are interested in joining!
    Please submit by May 29th!
    Kindergarten Registration Is Still Happening
    If you haven't registered your child for Kindergarten for the 2020-2021 school year, you still can and it is important for classroom planning for next school year.

    Visit the Enrolling Your Child webpage to begin the process online.
    Mixed Bags Fundraiser
    We kicked off an online fundraiser with shipments going to your home or the home of someone you love!  

    If you would like to check out our Mixed Bag fundraiser, you may find the perfect gift for someone you love!  Remember Mother's Day is next month!  40% of the proceeds go directly to the PTA!  Click here to access our fundraising page!
    Coles School is Still Sharing!!
    colored_balloons_girl.jpgSince we can't be helping our neighbors in need with Sharing Lunches these last few months of school, we have coordinated with the Salvation Army in Plainfield to continue to try and help.  Throughout this time of social distancing, the Salvation Army continues to operate their food/diaper/hygiene Pantry and daily Soup Kitchen.  They are only 2 miles from Coles School and are helping the most vulnerable, including our impoverished and senior citizen neighbors.  

    Here is what you can do:  When you next go to a store or plan a grocery delivery, add a few items to donate.  They will be accepting donations Mondays and Wednesdays 9am-12pm.

    Salvation Army Peace Corps
    615 Watchung Avenue, Plainfield

    There is a collection bin at the back of the parking lot, next to the building.  Please put your donations in the bin. 

    • hygiene products (including diapers)
    • canned goods/packaged goods
    • fresh foods
    If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas, please feel free to contact me at JAColesPTAPresident@gmail.com


  • Birthday Book Image

    Celebrate your child's birthday with a BIRTHDAY BOOK!

    Consider donating a book to our Coles library in honor of your child's birthday. A book plate will be placed in the front cover stating that the book is for your child.    Mrs. Giannacio will take a picture of him/her holding the book and post it on the Library bulletin board where it will remain until the end of the school year.  Also, your child will get to check the book out first!  

    Check out the Wish List put together by Mrs. Giannacio for you to choose from to celebrate your child's birthday!