• Milk Money 2018/2019...

    Students in pre-k have their milk during their in-class snack period. A milk order form will be sent home once a month (usually the second Monday) for pre-k students to order milk for the month ahead.   Parents are to complete the form, indicate their child's milk choice (fat free, low fat, chocolate low fat or strawberry low fat), and return the form with payment to school by the date indicated on the form.  The order form and payment should be placed in a sealed enveloped, labeled "Milk Money," and include the student's name, grade, and the name of the student's classroom teacher. The 2018/2019 price of pre-k milk is 70 cents/day.  Payment by check is preferred (payable to Scotch Plains-Fanwood Board of Education), but cash (in the exact amount) is acceptable.  There is a fee for returned checks.  Milk orders received after the date indicated on the order form will not be accepted.  Because milk orders are placed in advance, no refunds can be made for absent children who have ordered milk.  Should an absence occur on the collection date, please make every effort to bring the order to the main office.  If this is impossible, please call the office to see if an alternate arrangement can be made.  Otherwise, the child will need to bring his/her beverage for snack time to school for the following month. Milk is not served on single-session days.  Students eligible for the free milk program must complete and return the milk order form on a monthly basis.
    Students in Grades K through 4 will choose their milk during their lunch period each day. Parents are encouraged to discuss the various milk choices (as indicated above) with their child. For  the  2018/2019 school year, the price of milk is 80 cents a carton for students in Grades K through 4.  Payment options include the following:
    • Pre-pay online at www.payforit.net (you will need your child's student ID number).  This service allows you to  put money on your child's cafeteria account with your credit card or by e-check.  The money can be used for milk, as well as meals and water purchases.
    • Pre-pay by sending any amount of money you would like.  You may pay by check, payable to Scotch Plains-Fanwood Board of Education, with your child's name and student ID number written in the memo line.  Cash must be sent in with your child in a sealed envelope with your child's name and student ID number clearly labeled on the envelope.  If you have more than one child, please send a separate envelope for each child.
    • Pay as you go.  You may send cash any day you would like your child to purchase milk. Cash must be sent in with your child in a sealed envelope with your child's name and student ID number clearly labeled on the envelope.  Again, if you have more than one child, please send a separate envelope for each child.

    Payforit is a secure internet-based payment system.  It allows parents the option of depositing funds for their child's Cafeteria Account on-line via credit card or e-check.  The website to access this system is http://www.payforit.net.  This website can also be accessed  through the District's homepage, www.spfk12.org, under Information and Forms>For Parents>Enter Online Payment System.  When visiting the Payforit site for the first time, it is recommended that you review the "Information (FAQ)" tab.

     To register on the Payforit site, you should have the following information available:
    • Your (parent/guardian) name, address and phone number.
    • MasterCard/Visa or checking account information. There is an Internet convenience fee associated with payment by credit card; 3.95% for transactions >$50 or $1.65 for transactions <$50; e-check fee is $1.75. There is NO charge to register for the site in order to get email alerts or view items that were purchased. You are not required to process transactions through this site if you register.
    • Your child's school, grade level, first and last name (as listed in the school's student database) and student ID number (provided by the school to parents).

    Payforit allows parents to receive automated emails detailing their child's account balance, review which items have been purchased, and receive alerts if there is a low balance, regardless of their payment method.  This is an option for "auto-replenishment" which allows parents to set up a low-balance threshold and automatically replenish their child's cafeteria account.  Payments made through this site take approximately three hours to be credited to the student's account.

Last Modified on July 27, 2018