• Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School is proud to have the following Head Coaches working with our athletes:
    Fall Sports
    Cheerleading - Coach Victoria Vanoni - Coach Vanoni
    Boys' Cross Country - Coach Jeff Koegel - Coach Koegel 
    Girls' Cross Country - Coach Rich McGriff - Coach McGriff
    Field Hockey - Coach Alexandra Neidig -Coach Neidig 
    Football - Coach Marc Ciccotelli - Coach Ciccotelli 
    Gymnastics - Coach Lisa Cerchio - Coach Cerchio 
    Boys' Soccer - Coach Tom Breznitsky - Coach Breznitsky 
    Girls' Soccer - Coach Kevin Ewing - Coach Ewing 
    Girls' Tennis - Coach Luke Piede - Coach Peide
    Girls' Volleyball - Coach Adrienne Stack - Coach Stack 
    Winter Sports
    Boys' Basketball - Coach Steve Siracusa - Coach Siracusa 
    Girls' Basketball - Coach Ryan McKenna - Coach McKenna
    Cheerleading - Coach Victoria Vanoni - Coach Vanoni
    Bowling - Coach Ryan Goracy - Coach Goracy 
    Ice Hockey - Coach Matt Gunther - Coach Gunther 
    Swimming - Coach Jess Hulnik - Coach Hulnik 
    Boys' Indoor Track - Coach Rich McGriff - Coach McGriff
    Girls' Indoor Track - Coach Jeff Koegel - Coach Koegel 
    Wrestling - Coach Marc Fabiano - Coach Fabiano 
    Spring Sports
    Baseball - Coach Joe Higgins - Coach Higgins 
    Golf - Coach Ryan Goracy - Coach Goracy 
    Boys' Lacrosse - Coach Nick Miceli - Coach Miceli 
    Girls' Lacrosse - Coach Virginia Weber - Coach Weber 
    Softball - Coach Jess Hulnik - Coach Hulnik 
    Boys' Tennis - Coach Luke Piede - Coach Piede
    Boys' Spring Track - Coach Rich McGriff - Coach McGriff 
    Girls' Spring Track - Coach Jeff Koegel - Coach Koegel 
    Boys' Volleyball - Coach Brock Hor - Coach Brock 
    Freshmen and Assistant Coach emails can be obtained through the Head Coach.
    Assistant Coaches
    Cheerleading - Ann Barcelona
    Field Hockey - Sarah Weber, Virginia Weber
    Football - Kyle Anderson, Peter Kane, TBD, Nick Tyson, Don Zsak, Marc Fabiano (Freshmen), Ken Hernandez (Freshmen)
    Boys' Soccer - TBD, Ken Ellsworth, Matt Gianaccio (Freshmen)
    Girls' Soccer - Matt Tiedeman, Lauren Mains, Joe Higgins (Freshmen)
    Girls' Volleyball - Brock Hor, Jesse Martinez
    Boys' Basketball - Kyle Anderson, Ryan Cookerly, JR Luccarelli (Freshmen)
    Girls' Basketball - Nick Miceli, Ron Litz, Josh Jordan (Freshmen)
    Cheerleading - Ann Barcelona
    Ice Hockey - Matt Gianaccio
    Indoor Track - Dan Doherty 
    Swimming - TBD
    Wrestling - John Scholz, Jesse Martinez
    Baseball - JR Luccarelli, Anthony Bruno, Kyle Anderson (Freshmen)
    Boys' Lacrosse - Mike Robel, Josh Jordan, Jesse Martinez (Freshmen)
    Girls' Lacrosse - Matt Tiedemann, Ashleigh Boyce, Sarah Weber (Freshmen)
    Softball - Matt Gianaccio, Lynne Cinella
    Spring Track - Ken Hernandez, Jonathan Stack, Dan Doherty, Peter Kane, Alexandra Neidig
Last Modified on April 23, 2019