• Junior Varsity/Freshmen Philosophy

    Sub varsity athletics are an integral part of the success of the varsity program.  Junior Varsity and Freshmen sports allow student athletes to transition from recreation sports to a High School sport that requires six days of practice per week as well as an increased amount of games.  Moreover, a working sub varsity program will enable the student athlete to mature in competition with other athletes who are in similar physical and mental conditions.  In addition, the sub varsity program is designed to allow for student athletes to grow and mature in their sport through a coaching philosophy that is not focused on winning contests.  The primary purpose is to foster the growth of the student athlete in competition.

    All of the sports at Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School do not have a sub varsity level.  Fewer still have a dedicated freshmen level.  This is a result of either interest in the sport or the nature of the sport.  For example, the Track programs do not have a dedicated freshmen level because there are no specific teams to face.  When possible, the freshmen and sophomore student athletes compete in novice meets restricted to only freshmen and sophomores. 

    Teams that have a sub varsity level are encouraged to create situations that allow for all of the students to have game experience throughout the season.  The Administration encourages all sub varsity programs to follow a plan to ensure that student athletes have game experience.  For Freshmen sports, the season should be divided into thirds.  The first third allows all athletes to have significant playing time.  The second third begins to limit the playing time based upon effort in practice and games, talent level, and game situations.  The final third will see more playing time for athletes who have maximized their effort in practices and games, their talent, and their knowledge of the strategies of the coach.  At the JV level, the breakdown is the nearly the same as the Freshmen level.  The season is to be divided into the first third and second two thirds utilizing the same aforementioned philosophy. 

    Questions or concerns about the philosophy for sub varsity sports can be directed to the Assistant Principal - Athletics, Ryan Miller, 908-889-8600 x 3404, or email, rmiller@spfk12.org.      

Last Modified on July 9, 2015