Main Office Personnel

    Dr. Kevin Holloway
    "2014 NJ Visionary Principal of the Year"
    Mr. Ralph Gerace
    Assistant Principal
    908-322-5215  ext. 22002
    Mrs. Karen Benovengo
    Executive Secretary
    908-322-5215 ext. 22003
    Mrs. Nicole Seymour
    Office Assistant
    908-322-5215 ext. 22004
    Welcome to Terrill Middle School!  The office staff is here to assist you in any way that we can.  Please don't hesitate to contact us by either phone or email.
    • Hours:  Office hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
    • Parking:  Parents and Visitors are requested to make use of the Visitors' parking spaces, which are spots 1 through 6.  Please refrain from parking in any other spots, even for a brief time.  An open spot may be visible but needed again shortly.  We have many shared staff members with brief travel times between schools.  If there is a medical situation that necessitates the use of a handicap area, please contact the Main Office.
    • Phone System:  The school phone number is (908) 322-5215. 
    • Reporting a Child Absent/Late: Parents are asked to call the school attendance line (again (908) 322-5215,  before 8:00 a.m., whenever their child is absent from school or will be more than 15 minutes late.  This attendance line is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so calls may be made to this line at any time of the day or night.  Please remember to speak clearly, state your child's name, grade, first period teacher and the reason for absence.  
    • Early Dismissal:  Parents are requested NOT to ask that their child be excused early except when a true emergency makes early dismissal unavoidable.  Please do your best to schedule student appointments outside the school day.  Early dismissal should be arranged in writing with the Counseling Office.  A note should be brought to the Counseling Office the morning of the dismissal.  The student will receive a pass and their name will be placed on the early dismissal list.  Students need to remember the time of their early dismissal.  We will not disrupt the classroom.  When the student returns, they will report to the Main Office to obtain a pass to return to class.  Parents must pick up and sign their student out in the Main Office for the early dismissal but do not need to sign them back in.  Students do not need to be accompanied by a parent when returning from an early dismissal.
    • Forgotten Items:  We encourage parents to make sure students have everything they need for the school day.  If an item is forgotten at home, the parent may come to the building and drop the forgotten item in the box marked FORGOTTEN ITEMS by the main entrance. Our Hall Monitor periodically checks the box and places the items on the pick up table in the Main Office.  We will not disrupt the classroom for forgotten items.  
    • Visitors:  Visitors are always welcome.  Please enter our building through the front doors located on the right as you face the building.  Ring the bell.  We respectfully ask you to please be patient.  The office can be quite busy at times and there may be a short delay before we can answer the bell.  When asked, please state your name and reason for your visit.  Upon entering the building, please report immediately to the Main Office.  Sign the Visitor's book and take a Visitor's badge.  Please wear this badge the entire time of your visit.  When leaving the building, return to the Main Office to sign out in the Visitor's book.  The school office reserves the right to request identification for those visitors who are not familiar to us. During this pandemic, ALL visitors must have an appointment before entering the building.
    • Cell Phones:  Please remember to turn off your cell phones upon entering school; they can be quite disruptive.
    • Emergency Contacts:  If your home or cell phone, email or emergency contacts have changed,  please contact the Main Office so that corrections can be made.

    Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.

     Terrill Middle School