• The Nettingham PTA is comprised of parents, teachers and administrators who care about your children. 

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    Annual membership dues of just $10 per member help to support our many programs including:

    • Author Visits

    • Cultural Arts Assemblies

    • Class Trips

    • Socials for each grade level

    • Teacher Appreciation activities

    • School Beautification projects

    • Scholarships and more!


    Membership and donations can be made via our PTA Online store, Member Hub.

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    Please note:

    1.  Joining the PTA does NOT mean you are obligated to volunteer OR attend meetings although we’d love to have you there!

    2.  Joining the Nettingham PTA does not make you a member of the PTA at any other school - even if that school is in our district. Nettingham PTA is its own entity. Joining the Nettingham PTA DOES, however, automatically enroll you in both the New Jersey State PTA (NJPTA) and the National PTA. This affords you all of the rights and benefits each of those organizations has to offer!    

    National Membership Benefits