• Birthday Celebrations...

    We recognize the joy and excitement that our students' birthdays bring.  However, to limit the number of interruptions to the instructional day that can result from multiple celebrations in the building, parameters have been established so that the students can have an enjoyable celebration in their classrooms and pay a special visit to former or special-subject teachers.  Please adhere by the following guidelines:
    • Birthday celebrations will take place in the child's classroom under the direction of the classroom teacher.  Parents should notify their child's teacher SEVERAL days ahead of time if a special birthday treat is being sent to school.
    • Students with summer birthdays will celebrate their special day at the 1/2 year birthday mark (i.e., a July 20th birthday will be celebrated on or about January 20th).
    • Parents are encouraged to provide food/beverages consistent with the recommended and approved items listed in the letter from Mr. Fiory and Ms. Cristaldi.  APPROVED CELEBRATION SNACKS TBD In addition, our district recomments that parents follow the dietary standards listed within Section III of the Board of Education Policy on Student Wellness and NutritionNutrition Policy
    • Children may NOT distribute birthday party invitations at school.
    • Visitation to other classrooms will take place between 2:50 to 3:05 p.m., or 11:05 to 11:15 a.m. for children in our morning pre-k and kindergarten classes.  Children may visit no more than three classrooms, including former teachers, special-subject teachers, and the principal.
Last Modified on July 16, 2018