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    If a student is absent from school for a short-term illness, i.e., one or two days, teachers, at their discretion, will provide assignments upon the child's return to school.  Our practice is based upon the philosophy that if a child is ill, it is essential that they rest so that they may return to good health as soon as possible.  When the child returns to school, the teacher will be able to explain the assignments and/or provide the necessary instruction so that the student's understanding will be enhanced.  In addition, the teacher will determine a reasonable time frame for the work to be completed based upon other assignments that are planned for the week.

    If a child is well enough to complete school-related activities on a day of illness, it is recommended that the child read for short periods of time, write a story on a topic of their choice, or work on a long-term project that has already been assigned.  Parents are encouraged not to worry about a few missed assignments when their child is home for a short-term illness.  Whatever work is missed can be made up when the child is in good health and able to give the assignment their best effort.

    If a student is absent from school for three or more days due to illness, the following guidelines have been established:
    • Parents should notify the child's teacher of the absence.
    • The classroom teacher will prepare appropriate assignments based upon their discretion and notify the parent when the assignments are ready. A brief meeting or telephone conference may be necessary to ensure that the assignments are understood and proper directions are provided.
    • When the child returns to school, the teacher will monitor that the student has completed the work and determine if further guidance and support is necessary. A reasonable amount of time will be provided to the student for all missed assignments.
    If there is an occasion that necessitates a family trip, the teaching staff and administration recommend that parents engage their child in the following ways to maintain the child's reading, writing and basic computation skills:
    • Read on a regular basis.
    • Write a creative writing piece.
    • Keep a vacation log or journal.
    • Practice math facts and spelling pattern words.
    Please do NOT request assignments from your child's teacher due to a family trip.  Many of the activities generated in the classroom require teacher direction, and such instruction, where necessary, will be provided when the student returns to school.  Please note that when planning family vacations, it is respectfully requested that parents honor the Scotch Plains-Fanwood School District calendar.  It is strongly believed that it is essential for students to attend school every day and only be excused for illness or extenuating circumstances.

Last Modified on December 9, 2010