•                                SCOTCH PLAINS-FANWOOD GUARD DRILLS


    1)        2 BALL DRIBBLING      





    2)        Ball Handling drills


    ·   Pound  Dribbling – Pound the ball with one hand as hard as you can.  Try to throw the ball through the floor.  Keep your dribble about waist high.


    ·   Cross Over move – Keep the ball below the knee and quickly change hands to make it difficult for the defender to deflect the ball.


    ·   Between the legs – Keep the low and stay in an athletic stance.  Turn your body to protect the ball once you go between your legs


    ·   In and Out – First work with just standing and crossing the ball back and forth with just one hand.  Then work on dribbling the court and making that move.  Remember to keep the ball low.


    ·    ZIG-ZAG – Go up and down the floor in a zig zag manner alternating going between the legs and crossing over.


    ·   Back Dribble – Go as fast as you can up the court.  Then come to a stop and use 2 back dribbles.  Then crossover and attack the basket


    ·   Figure 8 dribbling – Using your finger tips dribbling in a figure 8 motion between and around your legs.  Remember to NOT look at the ball.




    3)        What you need to be a Solid Point Guard


          4)       Steve Nash Guard workout Video.



                                                              MORE BALLHANDLING DRILLS


    1.      Power Crossovers - Power dribble in your right hand, and then quickly bounce the ball to your left hand. Power dribble with your left hand for a few seconds before bouncing the ball back to your right hand.

    Dribble Blindfolded - Wrap a cloth around your head as a blindfold, or you could simply close your eyes...no peeking. Power dribble a ball for at least 60 seconds. This drill helps you enhance your tactile sense of the ball. You can enhance the drill by performing it in the center of a deserted basketball court, walking around while dribbling. To make the drill even more challenging, try power dribbling two balls, one in each hand, while being blindfolded and slowly walking around a deserted basketball court.

    10-5 Repeats - This drill exercises power dribbling with one hand at a time. Choose which hand your would like to practice. Power dribble for 10 seconds, then soft dribble for 5 seconds. Repeat multiple times. This exercise teaches your arm muscles how to alternate between various dribbling speeds that occur during game play.

    Dribble Between Legs While Walking - In order to do this drill you will need a segment of floor, such as a basketball court floor, a street's sidewalk, or a wide hallway that is deserted. Power dribble while walking up and down the walkway. Power dribble the ball between your legs to practice fancy dribbling skills. To enhance the drill, perform the drill at a quicker walking pace, maybe at a light jogging pace.

    Double Ball Power Dribbling - Power dribble two balls, one in each hand. This will increase your arm strength for dribbling and enhance your dribbling control. Since you can't look at both hands at the same time, this drill will also practice your ability to power dribble without looking at the ball.

    Power Dribbling Sprints - This drill requires you to power dribble for an extended period of time and run back and forth on the basketball court. Stand at one end of a basketball court. Dribble to the nearest foul line, and then return to the baseline. Dribble to the middle of the court, and then return to the baseline from which you started. Dribble to the farthest foul line, and then return to the baseline from which you started. Finally, dribble the entire length of the court, and return to the baseline from which you started. This entire continuous power dribbling exercise counts as one complete cycle of the drill. Repeat multiple times to practice your dribbling, speed, and direction-changing abilities.

    3-Chair Dribbling - Set up 3 chairs or cones in a line, spacing each chair/cone 10 feet apart. Power dribble around the chairs/cones in different shapes, such as figure-eights, circles, or any shape. Use your imagination.

    Dirt dribbling - This drill actually requires you to leave the basketball court and find a patch of dirt. Do a Power dribble on the dirt for 1 or 2 minutes. You will need to power dribble the ball even harder than usual in order to get the ball to bounce on the dirt. This drill is an extremely good arm workout with power dribbling.

    Start with just a few of these exercises, and then expand your workouts to include more drills. You can also modify the drills to be more challenging by increasing the number of repetitions or slightly modifying the drill. The key is to vary your routines and have fun with them. By practicing the power dribble, you will greatly improve your dribbling.

    Dribbling Warm Ups

    I prefer to practice skills in combinations that are relevant to multiple aspects of the game. It saves time and instills a great sense of urgency.. It saves time and has a great sense of urgency. One of the ways I do this is to add dribbling into my stretching exercises.

    ·                                 Hamstring Stretch - While dribbling with your right hand, cross right leg over left. Bend at the waist, touch the floor with your left hand and bring your dribble down to shoe top level. Hold for an 8 count. Reverse position and switch hands.

    ·                                 Lower Body and Achilles Stretch - Dribble waist high while standing up. Step as far forward with your right leg as you can, keeping your back straight and your left heel on the ground. At the same time bring your dribble forward of your right foot, keeping the ball at shoe-top height. Hold for an 8 count and then stand up. Switch legs and dribble hand.

    ·                                 Crossover - Same as above except, step forward with left leg. As foot goes to the floor, switch hands, right to left, keeping dribble shoe top height. Cross back when standing up.

    ·                                 Through Legs - Same as above except instead of crossing over, put ball through legs at shoe top height.

    ·                                 Multiple Through Legs - Same as above except put ball through legs 3 times (left, right, left) on quick, successive dribbles shoe top height.

    ·                                 Torso Twist - Spread legs outside of shoulder width, dribble with right hand. Keeping legs straight, bring ball across body to left side, outside left foot and dribble at shoe top height behind left foot.

    These are just samples. You can develop a dribble stretch for any part of the body.

    Two Ball Dribbling Drills & Videos:

    I think the most effective way to improve your dribble, however, is by using 2 balls. Any dribble or drill you can do with 1 ball, you can do with 2. Stationary practice at first will build confidence. Stand on the baseline and try to control both balls. Then start to move. Go half court, then full court. Follow the lines around the court or in any route you can come up with.

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    The difference between dribbling and ballhandling is intent. Dribbling is the skill of controlling the ball as you bounce it to the floor. Ballhandling (at least 1 aspect of ballhandling) is what you do with that dribble.

    Whether you use it to go to the basket, make a passing angle, escape from pressure or anything else, those situations have to be imagined and practiced.

    Here are some situational drills:

    ·                                 Full Court Lay-ups - Start on the baseline. Dribble full court with right hand in 5 dribbles and make a lay-up, come back with left hand. Then reduce the number of dribbles to 4 and then to 3.

    ·                                 Chair Changes - Place a chair about 21 feet from the basket. It can be on top, on the wing, or in the corner. Start about 8-10 feet beyond the chair. Dribble straight at the chair. At the chair, use a change of direction dribble (crossover, inside out, behind back, etc) to go beyond the chair and make a lay-up. Try to get to the point where you only need one dribble to get to the lay-up. Practice all the changes.

    ·                                 Two up - Two back - Set a chair such as in the drill above. Take 2 hard dribbles at the chair. When reaching the chair, take 2 backup dribbles. After the second dribble, push ahead into 1 dribble lay-up or pull-up jumpshot.

    ·                                 Dropstep Dribble - (works on footwork and ballhanding)

    ·                                 Chair Curl - This is another great multi use drill. It combines shooting, ballhandling and speed and high intensity change in direction.

    ·                                 Chair Curl Phase 2 (With 2 Chairs)

    ·                                 Two Ball Dribbling Drills & Moves - Excellent way to improve one on one moves.

    ·                                 Basketball Pick and Roll Drills

    Shooting drills can also be adapted to work on ballhandling aspects by adding changes of direction and pivoting to create 1 and 2 dribble opportunities for either jumpers or lay-ups.

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