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    All 9th grade students will have the opportunity to participate in a unique initiative called the Green Dot Program. The Green Dot Program is a bystander intervention program that was developed at the University of Kentucky and is currently being implemented in colleges and high schools in New Jersey and throughout the United States.    Green Dot addresses the issues of power-based personal violence: harassment, stalking – on-line or in person, domestic violence, sexual assault, and bullying.  Green Dot recognizes the great impact that informed bystanders can have in reducing this violence within their communities.  The program strives to connect students to the issue of violence prevention and helps them to believe that they play a necessary part in addressing it. Awareness education and skills practice will empower students to use their influence with their peers.  Together they will move their community toward increased intolerance for this violence in all of its forms.   

    The program will begin in October and run through the end of the school year. Your child will be scheduled through their U.S. I History Class. The entire program is six-hours; which is accomplished in one full school day. Students will be excused from all classes on their assigned day in order to participate in the Green Dot Program and it will be coded as an in-school field trip. There is no cost to participate in the program.

    If for any reason you do NOT want your child to participate in the Green Dot Program, please sign below and have your child return this form to the main office no later than October 1st.   If you sign below and return this form, your child will report to their regular scheduled history class.

    Program Advisors:   Mrs. Liz Knodel-Gordon, Student Assistance Coordinator, at extension 3371

                                     Mrs. Cailin Franz, District HIB Specialist,  at extension 3401 


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    I do NOT want my child to participate in the Green Dot Program.


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