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    Welcome to the 2016-2017 School Year!
    School One PTA
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    • Box Tops!
      BoxTops It’s Box Tops collection time again!

      Here’s how you can participate…
      1. Clip Box Tops (be sure to cut around the expiration date).
      2. Collect them in a bag, labeled with your child’s teacher’s name.
      3. Send the Box Tops in to your child’s teacher on or before Friday, 6/9/2017.

      Just a few reminders...
      Be sure to clip Box Tops carefully so the expiration date is visible.
      Check the dates on the Box Tops and remove all that have expired.

    • Student School Supplies – 2017/2018

      The School One PTA offers parents the opportunity to purchase pre-packaged school supply kits for their children through School Tool Box. The sale runs from May 19th to July 7th. Go to www.schooltoolbox.com.  Click on “Find boxes now.” Then type in School One when it prompts you to enter the school name. You will then be able to choose the appropriate grade box for your child. Please note that grades 1-4 have an option to purchase ear buds. You will see “View add-ons/View contents” under grade 1-4 boxes. Clicking on this will allow you to add ear buds to your box of supplies.   Be sure to select the box for the grade your child WILL BE ENTERING IN SEPTEMBER 2017. Follow the check-out directions.

      The school supply kits will ship to School One at the end of August, and will be on your child’s desk for the first day of school. Each school box includes the correct number of brand name items as requested by your child’s teacher.

      For every box of supplies purchased, School Tool Box will donate a meal to a starving child through their partnership with Feed My Starving Children, a non-profit charity.

      School Tool Box’s service phone number is 800-952-1119

      For questions you may also email: Elizabeth Iannotta (elizabethi@comcast.net) or Pam Zajac  (pamastoreca@yahoo.com)


    • School One Library Wish List 
      Consider donating a book from your child to the School One Library. A book plate will be placed in the front cover stating that the book is from your child, and if desired a short message from the purchaser of the book ie.  Dear John, "We are so proud of you". Love Mom, Dad and Emma.  Mrs. Mack will announce the donation in your child's library class, take a picture of him/her holding the book and post it on the Library bulletin board where it will remain until the end of the school year.  Also, your child will get to check the book out first! 
      Check out the books from the Wish List put together by Mrs. Mack. Click here for the wishlist. Send the book in to the library with your child and the message for the book plate. Please note that you are not limited to the wish list of books for the library.  If your child has a special interest, you may pick a book of your choice, hard covers only please. Contact Nicole Virga with any questions   

    • Committee Needs
      The School One PTA is always looking for volunteers. The following committees have immediate needs, the descriptions can be found on our PTA Committees page:
         Author Visit • Book Fair • BSE • Chemical Dependency • Family Activities •
         Fourth Grade Committee •  Fun Fair • Library Gift Book •  Hospitality •
         Reflections • Walk-a-Thon • Pie Sales • Gertrude Hawk

      If you are interested please contact Nicole Virga
Last Modified on May 22, 2017