Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Lyndsey Larsen

Welcome to General Music Class and 4th Grade Choir!!! My name is Ms. Larsen and I will be teaching the fundamentals of music. 


Music Newsletter: Each month a newsletter will be posted to my website and the Google Classroom Music page. The newsletter will include a brief summary of what students have been accomplishing in music class!


General Music:

This class will include listening, performing, analyzing AND appreciating music! Students will be singing, dancing, moving, playing instruments, composing and improvising all in a FUN and ACTIVE way! 3rd graders will have the opportunity to play the recorder.


4th Grade Choir:


  • To encourage the musical growth of students through the use of singing, listening, and other activities. 
  • To teach the student to sing correctly and develop his/her musical and interpretive skills. 
  • To help the student develop an understanding and appreciation for different styles of music. 
  • To provide the student with performance opportunities.