Fourth Grade is a very special year for our students, and a number of special procedures, activities and events take place.  Please refer to the list of items below to keep abreast of all that is happening at School One:
    1. The fourth-grade curriculum includes a choral experience in addition to the regularly scheduled music class.  Chorus is held on Friday afternoons in the MPR.
    2. The School One Helping Hands Patrol is a voluntary organization open to fourth graders who are interested in promoting safety in our building and on school grounds.  The primary objective of the patrol is to foster qualities of leadership and good citizenship among those students who participate.  Teacher advisors coordinate safety patrol activities.
    3. Fourth-grade class T-shirts are sold in the Fall.  Traditionally, fourth-grade students wear the shirts on Fridays throughout the year to show their 4th Grade School Spirit! They are also worn on field trips, the fourth-grade picnic, the class yearbook group photo, and at the Promotional Ceremony on the last day of school.  The shirts are only offered for sale once during the year. 
    4. A Winter Music Program is held in the evening at the end of January where both the fourth-grade chorus and students involved in the instrumental music program perform.  A letter will be sent home from the principal outlining the dress code for the evening. Family and guests of School One fourth-grade students are invited to attend this entertaining event.
    5. The PTA fourth-grade committee assembles a memory book for the graduating fourth-grade students (free of charge) to keep as a memento of their years at School One.  Each fourth-grade student creates an individual memory book page.  Students receive specific instructions to guide them in creating their own customized page.  
    6. The PTA fourth-grade committee collects pictures of the fourth-grade children for the memory book.  The photos should be GROUP pictures taken at SCHOOL ONE EVENTS from kindergarten through fourth grade.  Photos must be DIGITAL.  A maximum of three photos per child may be submitted. The photos are collected in the Spring.  Parents are asked to include the name of all the children in the photos. 
    7. Fourth-grade families are invited to send a personal message (a booster) to their child or the entire fourth-grade class in the personal message pages of the memory book. A flyer is sent home in March/April outlining the cost per line of text with an order form.  Families may order as many messages as they like, and can come from anyone...parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, teachers, pets, etc.  All proceeds are used to offset the cost of the memory book.
    8. Fourth Grade Fundraisers, such as Pretzel Sales help to pay for the memory books. Please support your Fourth Graders!

    9. At the end of April, fourth-graders are asked to wear their Class T-shirts to school for a memory book group photo.  A flyer will be sent home informing parents of the exact date.
    10. An orientation program for fourth-grade students is held at Park Middle School in the Spring during school hours (9 a.m. to 11 a.m.).  Students have the opportunity to tour the middle school and engage in a discussion with the guidance counselors.  They are also greeted by the principal and vice principal.  A letter explaining the visitation, including a permission slip, is sent home a few weeks before the visit.
    11. Park Middle School holds a 4th Grade Parent Orientation Program in the Spring during the evening.  The orientation includes a brief tour of the building, an overview of the fifth-grade program, a review of a typical student schedule, and various procedures.  There is also a time for questions and answers.
    12. A Spring Music Program, Music Mania, is held in the evening at the end of May/beginning of June, where both the fourth-grade chorus and students involved in the instrumental music program once again perform.  As in January, a letter will be sent home from the principal outlining the dress code for the evening. Family and guests of School One fourth-grade students are invited to attend this wonderful event.
    13. A fourth-grade year-end picnic is held typically the second Friday of June. (a permission slip will come home with your child a couple of weeks before the big day).  Food is provided by the PTA fourth-grade committee.  Students should bring a blanket or beach towel to sit on, and sports equipment, such as Frisbees, soccer balls, football, baseballs/mitts, or roller blades and helmets (a must).  Various recreation equipment is provided by the school.  Students are asked to wear their School One Class T-Shirts, sneakers and sunscreen.  Parents should monitor the weather and dress their child accordingly. 
    14. A fourth-grade clap out is held on the last day of school.  Parents will be notified of the event and are invited to attend.
    15. Fourth-grade students are recognized at a final assembly program the last week of school, typically starting at 10:45 a.m. The program includes musical arrangements by the children and the presentation of Certificates of Completion.   Fourth-grade students are requested to wear their School One Class T-Shirts.  The program is held in the auditorium, and fourth-grade families are requested not to invite more than four individuals per student due to safety regulations/fire codes applicable to this room. An invitation will be sent home to fourth-grade families in the beginning of Jun


Last Modified on July 27, 2018