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    Mr. John Lohn

    Email: jlohn@spfk12.org 

    It's so exciting to be working with the wonderful students of McGinn Elementary. The Media Center and library class offer the opportunity to learn, read, write and research. Through media education, our students will be actively involved in their assignments and projects, and asked to be deep and creative thinkers. Although we will not begin the year in the media center, plans are being put in place to enable students to check out fiction, nonfiction, graphic novels, biographies, picture books and much more. Once we return to school, library class will also allow the students the opportunity to learn about coding and interact with technology and robotics.
    During the course of the year, our students will have the chance to become good friends with the Cat in the Hat, with Greg from Diary of a Wimpy Kid, with dinosaurs and whoever our students want to meet through books. I hope our students enjoy taking advantage of all media education has to offer.
    About Mr. Lohn: This year marks my eighth year as part of the McGinn family. Prior to shifting careers into teaching, I spent more than a decade in the Philadelphia market as a sports writer. I continue to work in the sportswriting field on a freelance basis, primarily as the Associate Editor-in-Chief for Swimming World Magazine. I have authored four books on the sport of swimming and have covered the past three Olympic Games. My wife and I reside in Fanwood with our three daughters and enjoy traveling, especially to Disney World.
    It's going to be a wonderful year.
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    Please feel free to contact me at jlohn@spfk12.org
    or 908-233-7950 ext.1638
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