• Name: Mr. Michael Abadir
    Department: Science
    Courses Taught: AP Chemistry, Accelerated Chemistry
    Phone: email me for a quicker response

    You CAN do chemistry!  Whether it comes easily to you or not, don't ever give
    up! For those of you who "aren't science or math people," those days are over! 
    Come talk to me whenever necessary - and don't let yourself fall behind!  I'm
    in school by 7 am daily so come on in for extra help! (an ounce of
    prevention is always worth more than a pound of cure)  I am looking forward to
    a great year with YOU!

    Extra Curriculars:
         I serve as the adviser for Bible Club, which will meet on Wednesdays after school 
    in my room (Room 141) beginning on Wednesday, Sept 14.  Our first event will be 
    See You At The Pole, which is a national event where students, staff, and community 
    members join together at their school's flagpole to pray.  See You At The Pole at 7 am 
    or at 2:30 pm on Wed., Sept 28th!  Bible Club also sponsors other events throughout 
    the year so stay tuned - all are welcome to attend - we would love to see you!
         I serve as the adviser for Science League (Chemistry II), which is a competition among
    over 120 high schools in NJ.  Once a month from January - April, we send 4 students
    to compete in Chemistry II by taking a 25 question Multiple Choice test covering various
    topics each month.  The top 2 scores serve as our team score, and students can also be 
    ranked in the state individually.  Before each exam I hold practices after school each week starting 
    around November and all AP Chemistry competitors take a qualifying test.  The top 4 scores 
    qualify to represent our school at the Science League competition that month.  Each month 
    there us a new qualifying test, so it may not be the same 4 students who go to the competition 
    each month.  Schools receive a plaque for placing in the top 10 in the state, and all of our plaques 
    over the years are hanging in the chemistry hallway.  Students individually receive a plaque if they 
    place in the top 10% in NJ, and almost each year we have had at least 1 student receive an individual 
    plaque.  Our school also sponsors Science League Teams for Biology I (Mrs. Pfirrmann), 
    Biology II (Ms. Lockwood), Chemistry I (Mr. Krip), HS Physics (Mr. Quakenbush), and 
    Physics C (Mrs. Casazza).
Last Modified on October 28, 2016