PTA Committee Chairs

  • The McGinn PTA hosts several events throughout the school year.   Below is a list of our PTA Board of Directors and committee chairs for each of the events.  If you are interested in becoming involved or volunteering, please complete our PTA volunteer interest form.  


    PTA BOARD MEMBERS 2021-2022
    President Janelle Timbie
    Principal Dr. Sasha Slocum, Principal
    Treasurer Rosalina Walter
    VP of Programming Sharon Prevost
    VP Programming Allison Vitagliano
    VP Fundraising Erin Decker
    VP of Fundraising Dara Eisenstein
    Recording Secretary Rameshwari Kharde
    Corresponding Secretary Karen Sullivan Chen
    McGinn PTA Committee Chairs
    BOE Liaison Janelle Timbie
    PTA Standing Rules Janelle Timbie
    High School Scholarships Janelle Timbie
    Nominating Committee Kelly Sacchetti
    Nominating Committee Elayne Edmonds
    Nominating Committee Suzi Pellegrino
    PTA Council Rep Janelle Timbie
    Room Parents Karen Sullivan Chen
    Website/Weekly Eblast Janelle Timbie
    Teacher Grants Janelle Timbie
    SEPAG / Special Education Parents Advisory Group Gabriell Dennis
    SEPAG / Special Education Parents Advisory Group Sabahat Khan
    Audit Rosalina Walter
    FIRST Lego League Janelle Timbie
    FIRST Lego League  Nicole Castellano
    Bingo Night Suzi Pellegrino
    Bingo Night Amy Condon
    Chem. Depend./Think Purple Week (District) Elayne Edmonds
    Chem. Depend./Think Purple Week (District) Orly Fleureton
    Cultural Arts: Assemblies/Shows/ American Education Week Suzi Pellegrino
    Cultural Arts: Author Visits Sonal Agrahari 
    Cultural Arts: Author Visits Sarah Breivogel
    Cultural Arts: Author Visits Mr. John Lohn
    Family Directory & Store (MobileArq) Suzi Pellegrino
    Fourth Grade Activities: Communications Stacey Geissman
    Fourth Grade Activites: Graphic Design / Logo Alice Fahey
    Fourth Grade Activities: T-Shirt  Alice Fahey
    Fourth Grade Activities:COL/Memory Book TBD
    Fourth Grade Activities: Photo Montage TBD
    Fourth Grade Activities:Yearbook Antonella Legros
    Fourth Grade Activities: Yearbook Lauren Genato
    Fourth Grade Activities:Picnic Genine Schwartz
    Fourth Grade Activities:Picnic Liz Giafaglione
    Fourth Grade Activities:Service Project Lizabeth Strange
    Fourth Grade Activities:Service Project Alger Fevrier
    Health & Wellness: District 5K OPEN
    Health & Wellness: Walk to School Day VP Programming
    Hospitality - Kindergarten Picnic (September) President / VP's of Programming
    Hospitality: Staff Luncheon (September) Janelle Timbie
    Hospitality- Valentine's breakfast / Staff Appreciation Erika Briamonte
    Hospitality- Valentine's breakfast / Staff Appreciation Christine Lowder
    Hospitality: Beautification OPEN
    Kids Care - Coat Drive / Toy Drive Kelly Sacchetti
    Kids Care - Food Drive Meaghan Eschbacher
    Kids Care - Shoe Drive Kelly Sacchetti
    McGinn Garden Representatives (Council) Rameshwari Kharde
    McGinn Garden Representatives (Council) Chris Ciotoli
    McGinn Sign Board Monthly Room Parent
    Party on the Blacktop Jodi Repinsky
    Reflections Arts Program (District) Susan Pastir
    Respect and Tolerance- Global Family Night Nicole Sharkey
    Respect and Tolerance- Global Family Night Genevieve Isolda
    Super Science Saturday Trina Baptista
    Super Science Saturday Allison Sanchez
    Parent Social OPEN
    Amazon Smile Rosalina Walter
    Book Fair Shannyn Johnston
    Book Fair Dawn Weinsten
    Box Tops Jenn Weckstein
    Family Skate Night Kelly Sacchetti
    Kids Kreations Suzi Pellegrino
    McGinn Apparel: Fall/Spring Jenn Weckstein
    Pie Sale Allison Murray
    PTA Membership/Dues Rameshwari Kharde
    Purchase Programs VP Fundraising
    Purchase Program: Hershey Park Allison Sanchez
    School Photos Stacey Geissman
    School Photos Sara Taner
    Pretzel Sales Dina Lindner
    Plant Sales Sara Taner
    Plant Sales Joanna Flavin
    Variety Show Kristin O'Grady
    Variety Show Kara Kennedy
    Color Run Dina Lindner
    Color Run Karen Sullivan Chen