• Birthday Celebrations:

    Birthday celebrations are special times for children, but can be a difficult time for the food-allergic child.  Therefore, due to the severity of some of our allergies, we are no longer allowing birthday treats.  Instead, we are asking that parents please consider providing non-food items such as pencils, erasers, bubbles, or books for birthday celebrations.  Parents may also consider the opportunity to come into the classroom with a book that they will read to the class, and in the end if they wish, donate this book to the classroom library.  This was very successful for many of our children last year, however, this must be arranged with the homeroom teacher ahead of time.

    Please be advised that students with summer birthdays may celebrate at the ½ year birthday mark, for example, a student with a July 20th birthday will celebrate it on or about January 20thChildren may NOT distribute birthday party invitations at school.