• Parking
    The School One staff parking lot is for the use of District personnel only.  It is NOT to be used to park your vehicles while visiting school, or to drop off or pick up your child.

    If there is a medical situation that necessitates the use of a handicap area, parents/guardians should write a letter indicating that special consideration be given for the use of the parking area, and provide documentation to support this request.
    For more detailed information regarding school parking regulations, please read Board Policy 3515.2-R, 5131.3-R below:
    School One
    Parking Regulations:
    1. Parking is prohibited in the front of the building between the hours of 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
    2. Parking for all staff members is provided in the parking area adjoining the driveway.
    3. Numbered and reserved parking spaces in the school parking lot have all been designated for School One staff members.
    4. Parents and visitors are asked to refrain from entering or parking in the staff parking lot between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., even for a brief period of time.  Parents and visitors are requested to make use of spaces available on the street.  However, drivers should note that (1) parking is not permitted directly in front of the building, and (2) a town ordinance prohibits parking or standing on Willow Avenue across from the school, and on the southbound side of Willow Avenue between Midway and Madison Avenues.
    5. Parents who pick children up at dismissal times are to follow the guides provided in our published "traffic flow" (see "Driving Regulations").  Parents should not enter the parking area at dismissal times.
    6. All drivers who come to the school at any time should approach the area with extreme care and caution.

    Driving Regulations:

    1. Drivers should follow a one-way pattern by turning off Park Avenue onto Madison Avenue, and then turning right onto Willow Avenue, or by turning off Midway Avenue onto Willow Avenue.
    2. Drivers should always line up in single file.  In inclement weather, it may take several minutes for the cars at the end of the line to get to the front of the school.  Please be patient when this happens and don't leave the end of the line and double park at the front of the school.  When parents do this they create a major traffic jam by totally blocking off the road, and they place their children in an extremely hazardous situation by allowing them to cross the road between parked cars.
    3. Parking is prohibited in the front of the school during the hours of 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Parents who need to park their cars and come into the school should park on Madison Avenue or on one of the side streets.
    4. Drivers should not park or stand in the area in front of the building that is reserved for school buses.  This area is marked on the pavement with yellow lines, and by two signs stating, "Bus Loading Zone."
    5. After dropping off or picking up their children, drivers should leave the single file line of cars and proceed very cautiously north on Willow Avenue.
    6. All drivers approaching the school at any time during the day should drive with extreme care.  The area in front of the building, marked as a "Drop Off" zone allows the school community the opportunity to drop off their children.  This area must not be abused; parents are not to stop or park their vehicles in this area.  There is no parking or standing allowed on the opposite side of Willow Avenue across from the school.  Parents should not use this area to pick up or drop off their children.  Doing so could be extremely dangerous if a child should suddenly run across the street.
    7. Drivers should never block driveways or park in the signed no parking areas.
    8. Children walking to or from the front of the school should use the sidewalk on Willow Avenue and the crosswalks.  They should stop and look both ways before they cross the road.
    9. Children should not cut across the property of residents living in this area.