• For New Board Members

    Orientation Conferences 

    New Jersey law requires all first-year school board members to attend a New Jersey School Boards Association training program on the roles and responsibilities of school board members. The NJSBA Board Member Academy offers programs to help new members meet this requirement. For example, NJSBA's New Board Member Orientation is an intensive weekend conference addressing all areas of school board responsibility.

    A nationwide model in board member training, the Orientation program is tailored to develop knowledge and skills that will help new members function effectively as part of a local board of education. The Academy also provides one-day programs covering the basic areas of school board responsibility. Information about all these programs is provided through School Board Notes and direct mailings to members.

    In addition to new board member programs, the NJSBA Board Member Academy offers a full curriculum leading to basic and advanced certificates. Programs address such topics as labor relations, leadership skills, effective decision-making, policy making, budgeting, community relations, school law and legislation.

    For information on NJSBA services and training, visit the Association's website at http://www.njsba.org/ .