• Q.U.E.S.T. and Enrichment Programs (Grades 3-8)



    The Scotch Plains – Fanwood Public Schools are committed to providing learning opportunities which will stimulate all children while simultaneously meeting the unique needs of the academically talented student 

    The QUEST (Question, Understand, Explore, Seek, and Think) program is a pull-out program for academically talented students in the district elementary and middle schools. 

    The goals of the QUEST program are to

            ·    Develop students’ conceptual understanding of real-world themes, issues, and


            ·    Provide advanced opportunities for students to think and problem solve

            ·    Enhance students’ creative thinking skills and encourage innovation

            ·    Develop students’ metacognitive skills to foster independence and self-directed


            ·    Develop students’ social skills though positive peer relationships and social


            ·    Engage students in individual and cooperative learning environments where they have

                 the opportunity to clarify and negotiate their thinking with others

    In addition to in-school opportunities, students are involved in special activities, which enable them to interact with other identified students in our district and in neighboring districts. These activities will prepare our learners for meaningful participation in both the classroom and community by valuing their individuality, recognizing their skills and instilling in them an appreciation of their ability to contribute to society.


    Our Team

    Ms. Shannon Albino – Grade 3 and 4 at McGinn and Coles

    Ms. Deborah Close – Grade 3 and 4 at Brunner and Evergreen

    Ms. Caren Comeau  –   Grade 5-8 at Terrill Middle School

    Ms. Joan Jennings – Grade 5-8 at Park Middle School

    Ms. Charity Morris – Grade 3 and 4 at School One


    Identification Process

    Multiple criteria are used to identify academically talented students in grades 4-8.   All students are reviewed annually using grade-specific criteria that can be found here.  Once a student enters the QUEST program, the student may continue participating in the program each year through 8th grade.  

    Students entering grades 7 and 8 can also nominate themselves for the QUEST program by creating and presenting a portfolio of their work demonstrating their talents and abilities. Portfolios are reviewed by a committee of teachers and district administrators. Students may be invited to a brief interview with the committee to share personal reflections of their work. More information about the Self-Nomination process is available from the QUEST teachers and counselors at the middle schools.



    The elementary QUEST teachers also teach two 6-week enrichment units. One unit focuses on Mathematics and the second unit addresses Writing.  The intention of these courses is to expand the number of students receiving enrichment in designated areas.  Students are identified through standardized and/or state testing results, classroom performance, and teacher recommendations.  At the middle school level, students may choose to participate in enrichment opportunities after school, such as the Math Enrichment program and Science Olympiad.


    Erin Mullman, Supervisor


    (908) 889-0557