• Lunch Menus

    Lunch Prices at Brunner School

    Lunch:  $2.70 (this lunch includes 1 milk)

    Milk:    $.80 carton

    Water:  $.85 bottle

    Pizzeria Lunch:  $2.70 (this lunch includes 1 milk) - Additional slices of pizza:  $2.25

    Parents:  Please review these prices with your child.  Additional costs are incurred when your child orders a 2nd lunch , a bottle of water or an additional milk.   If your child receives a free or reduced lunch, the first lunch is free or reduced, however full price is paid for any additional purchases for lunch or milk.


    September Menu

    Peanut Free Menu for September

    Gluten Free Menu for September


    Bottled Water Notice


    PAYFORIT Information - Lower Rate for Credit Card Purchase

    "Pomptonian, in conjunction with Payforit, is able to now offer parents a lower “convenience fee” when they make credit card deposits on their child’s lunch account.  The new rate is 3.95% compared to 4.75% charged last year.  Please see above information" 
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