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    Our Prek - 1 grade students got "Hooked on Books"
    The PTA hosted a special assembly for the littlest members of our Coles community this week, "Hooked on Books".  Who wins the epic battle between TV and reading? Mild-mannered Mr. Jones sits down one day to enjoy a television program when he is interrupted by a public service announcement that makes him aware of this important question. He learns how reading is an exciting way to gain new skills, see new places, meet new people, and experience more channels than any TV could ever have! And our amazing teachers, Mrs. Jackson and Ms. Yendrick, even got in on the fun. 

    That's a Wrap on the 4th Grade Kickball game
    Even though Field Day was touch and go for a little while due to the changing weather, the 4th graders were SO EXCITED to finally be able to play in their final kickball game against the teachers this past week.  Although the teachers scored more runs, each and every kid had a smile on their faces while they played, cheered each other on and showed amazing team spirit.  Thank you to Mr. Hernandez for all that you do for the children's Field Day experience. 
    Pretzel Sale Status  
    What a turn out for our final pretzel sale of the school year! We haven't been selling as much volume the past two sales so we didn't order as many this time, but WOW, we sold almost 100 more pretzels than our last two sales! AMAZING support Coles for a delicious fundraiser....  Thank you to those who participated.  See you again in the Fall!
    4th grade Spring Concert -- For 4th grade families only.
    The concert is on Monday, June 10th @7pm Terrill Middle School Auditorium.  Students should plan to arrive no later than 6:45pm in order to warm up their instruments.  Students should be dressed nicely for the performance. Acceptable clothes for boys include nice pants (cargos are fine) and a polo or button down shirt.  For girls, a skirt, dress or dress pants are acceptable.  Please no sweatpants, short skirts, or shirts with any text or logos for any student.  Dress for the heat as the auditorium can get very warm at times.   We can't wait to see what the 4th graders have put together for us and how far they've come since the beginning of the year.
    Hanging Purple Hearts at HS - Rescheduled June 11, 2:30 pm
    The Think Purple committee will be hanging hearts at the High School on Tuesday, June 11 starting at 2:30 pm. Please arrive as soon as you can after this time. Bring a friend or your children!  With a lot of helpers, I believe we usually finish around 4:30pm.  Please RSVP to Judy Joshua at judy@jjoshua.com.
    PTA Craft & Supply Drive - ends June 14, 2019
    Help us make the lives of children at local hospitals better with crafts and supplies!  Join the J.A. Coles PTA as we work with local area hospitals and organizations to collect a variety of new and unopened donations including:  one-time use craft kits, jewelry making kits, mini lego sets, play-doh kits, Spot It & Card Games, Matchbox Cars & Barbie Dolls, $10 gift cards, Latex-Free bandaids and not antibacterial.   Visit our website for a longer list: https://www.spfk12.org/Page/12492  Thank you for your help!  Donations are due by June 14th in donation bins in the main lobby!  

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    We are a volunteer run organization of enthusiastic parent volunteers and hard-working teachers collaborating together for the benefit of our Coles students and community.  Our primary mission is to create a fun & educational, friendly & inviting environment for our families and children to learn and grow through dynamic events and programs.  These events and programs will not only enhance the classroom experience, but also foster a sense of community and help our school to achieve its goals and objectives.  Our success relies totally on volunteers, so we encourage you to become an active member! If you're not a PTA member yet, please consider joining! 

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    In our site you will find the most up to date information regarding PTA sponsored-events and activities!  Please keep checking back throughout the year, as this site is regularly updated. If you are unable to download the forms, please contact PTA Vice President, Claudine Doyle - claudine@ndoyle.com(Forms are available as pdf files; most web browsers can open them. If you need a free pdf reader, it can be downloaded from the Adobe website: Get a free PDF reader)

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    Corporate Sponsorships 
    As you shop for the perfect gift for birthdays, graduations, Mother's Day or whatever the occasion, don't forget Coles School.  Click here for Coles School Corporate Sponsorships, offering terrific discounts to our community, including Amazon Smile, eScrips and Shutterfly! 
    Coles Library Birthday Book Program 

    Consider donating a book to our Coles library in honor of your child's birthday. A book plate will be placed in the front cover stating that the book is for your child.    Mrs. Giannacio will take a picture of him/her holding the book and post it on the Library bulletin board where it will remain until the end of the school year.  Also, your child will get to check the book out first!  

    Check out the books from the Wish List put together by Mrs. Giannacio (Check back frequently as this list is updated often). Click here for the wishlist. Send the book in to the library with your child.  Please note that hard cover books are the most durable with constant library usage and will last so much longer than soft cover books; therefore they are our library's preferred donation.  Please contact Jessica George with any questions.

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