Varsity Letter Requirements

    Varsity Letters continue to be the benchmark standard for individual student athlete success for the High School Athlete.  Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School is committed to creating a high standard for achievement for earning the Varsity Letter Award.  Most of our sports have a very simple formula for awarding Varsity Letters; the student athlete must be a member of the Varsity squad to earn a Varsity Letter.  A member of the Varsity squad is defined as participating in at least half of the Varsity Contests. Practicing with the Varsity, sitting the bench for tournament games, or being "called up" for a few games does not guarantee a Varsity Letter for an athlete.  However, there are special exceptions for student athletes which can be made by the Head Coach and approved by the Administration.  Moreover, some sports have a stronger individual focus and others have more movement between levels and therefore have specified requirements for the Varsity Letter.  

    In addition, student athletes are reminded that the Varsity Letter is a recognition award determined by the Head Coach in conjunction with the Administration.  Student athletes who fail to complete a season for any reason other than injury may not letter.  In addition, violations of school and individual sport rules may cause a student athlete to be disqualified from earning a Varsity Letter. Finally, playing in a limited amount of Varsity contests or practicing with the Varsity is not a guarantee that a student athlete will earn a Varsity Letter.  

    If a sport is not listed as an exception, the student athlete earns a letter for being a member of the Varsity team.  The following are links or explanations for Varsity Letters for specific sports:

            Participate in 5 Varsity contests during the season, excluding scrimmages

           Participate in 10 Varsity contests during the season, excluding scrimmages

    Tennis (Boys' and Girls'):
           Participate in 50% of the Varsity matches, excluding scrimmages

           Participate in 6 Varsity matches, excluding scrimmages, tournaments are considered  one match

    Track and Field (Boys' and Girls')


    Cross Country (Boys' and Girls')

           Based upon average times from the prior years county meets and subject to annual change.  The specifics for the Varsity Letter are detailed in the student athlete/parent form presented and signed prior to the season.  

    Please consult the individual sport Head Coach for further questions about Varsity Letter requirements.  Additional questions and information can be referred to the Assistant Principal - Athletics only after the Head Coach has been contacted.