Senior Privilege
  • Open Lunch allows senior students the opportunity to leave the school building and campus without adult supervision during the common lunch period (10:54 - 11:40 am). Note that 11:45 am marks the start of Block 3.

    Students must leave the grounds of the school and are permitted to go home or to local eateries.

    Open Lunch is a privilege given by the school to students who have demonstrated a record of scholarship, reliability, and self-responsibility.

    Those 12th graders given the privilege to participate must:

    Qualify as follows:
    • Receive parent permission along with parental completion of the consent and waiver to participate in Open Lunch. (See Question #1 in the following survey.)
    • Maintain a “C” average (2.0) and be passing all classes.
    • Not have been suspended from school or assigned Saturday Detention during the 2022-2023 school year.
    • Demonstrates acceptable attendance and punctuality during the 2022-2023 school year.

    Follow the Daily Procedures as such:
    • Prior to leaving campus, complete Open Lunch Check-Out in PowerSchool.  Students are to log into PowerSchool through the URL (DO NOT USE THE APP). 
          Student account login: 25jsmith (GraduationYearFirstinitialLastname)
          Password: 6-digit student number

    • Show their Open Lunch ID Card upon leaving the building at Door #1 or Door #12.
    • Report to their Block 3 class on time (11:44 am).
    • Follow the guidelines and procedures for continued participation in Open Lunch as stated.

    Additional Guidelines and Expectations:

    A senior may lose Open Lunch privilege for any of the following:
    • Reports late to their Block 3 class 3 times.
    • Visits another school while on Open Lunch.
    • Is reported by the area police as being a public nuisance, driving carelessly, or engaging in any illegal activity.
    • Is found to be in possession of, or under the influence of alcohol or any other illegal substance while in school or during Open Lunch.
    • Encourages / enables another student without Open Lunch privileges to leave the building or campus while school is in session.
    • Allows another student to use their Open Lunch ID card.
    • Fails to maintain a “C” average or is failing a course.
    • Parent requests that the privilege be revoked.
    • Is a chronic discipline problem.
    • Loiters on campus or in the parking lot.
    • Violates school parking regulations.
    • Cuts class in any course.
    • Fails to complete Open Lunch Check-Out in PowerSchool 3 times.
    • Fails to show their ID Card upon leaving for lunch.

    The principal retains final authority in all decisions concerning whether a student is eligible to participate/continue in Open Lunch.

    Monitoring and Evaluating Open Lunch for Seniors:
    Open Lunch for Seniors is regularly monitored and evaluated by school administrators. Evaluation indicators include, but are not limited to:

    • The number of students participating.
    • The number of Open Lunch privileges revoked and the reasons for the action.
    • Faculty input regarding the academic and social progress of the participants.
    • Input from members of the senior class and the SGA and class officers.

  • Frequently Asked Questions...

    Q- Is parent permission required to participate in Senior Open lunch?

         A- Yes. A survey was sent to all senior parents where they could give one time permission.

    Q- If a senior obtains permission to participate in the Open Lunch, must they  participate each day?

         A- No. They have a choice of either staying in school or leaving campus.

    Q- What is required of those students that plan on leaving campus for Open Lunch?

         A- Students must complete the Open Lunch Check Out in PowerSchool (through the website (URL); not the APP) prior to leaving the building. Also, they must show their Open Lunch ID to the staff member stationed at Door #1 or #12.

    Student account login: 25jsmith (GraduationYearFirstinitialLastname)
    Password: 6-digit student number

    Q- On those days I participate in Open Lunch, must I leave campus?

         A- Yes. Those seniors that exit the building for Open Lunch, must leave the campus.

    Q- When will I receive my Open Lunch ID?

         A- We are hoping to distribute the Open Lunch ID’s during the first few days of school. Prior to receiving the ID, students should show their completed Open Lunch Check-Out  (via PowerSchool on the website) to the staff member stationed at Doors #1 or #12.

    Q- What are the general requirements and expectations regarding Senior Open Lunch?

         A- This information can be found on the High School Website under 'Students' and then select Seniors.

    Q- What is the procedure regarding returning to the building?

         A- You can return via the Vestibule through Door #1 or #12. You will need to show your Open Lunch ID Card in order to be admitted to the building.


    Q- Can this privilege be taken away?

         A- Yes. Please review the expectations found on the high school website.


    Q-What if the Open Lunch ID Card is lost?

         A- Report the loss to the Main Office. Note that there is a $5.00 replacement fee.


    Q-What if you have a Study Hall in Block 2 or Block 3, can Unit Lunch include that Study Hall Block.

         A- No.  The Unit Lunch is from 10:54 - 11:40 am.