Memories of Mr. David Multer

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    "Mr. Multer would often spend the first half of each class talking about current events.  He would sit down in front of the class, as if you were sitting with an old friend- no textbook, just connecting to the students with his special way.
    I visited him in his classroom after school one day to interview him for a Fascotian article I was writing on SPFHS school spirit.  Mr. Multer had been using his typewriter to type up the questions for an upcoming test, but he put it aside and gave me his full attention.
    Although I was no longer in his class, he showed genuine interest in me and my life.  He said he was glad to see a resurgence of school spirit in recent years- that in the last few years school spirit was the best it had been in a long time.
    I had such a good feeling leaving his classroom after school that day.  I realized he truly cared, he was truly one of us, his spirit was connected to that of the present day students.  Mr. Multer bridged the worlds of student and faculty, past and present, at SPFHS.  He was persistent in his love.
    I cannot think of anyone whose heart was more in the right place than Mr. Multer.  Now his heart is a part of us, as we walk forward."
    submitted by Michael Loberfeld '97
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