• Mandarin IV Course Objectives:

    • Continue developing listening, speaking, reading and writing skills;
    • Grow in students' knowledge of the Chinese language and culture skills by describing daily routines and interacting with Chinese speakers;
    • Participate in conversations about teenager life inside and outside of the school day;
    • Continue understanding and appreciation of the Chinese people and culture.

    Thematic Units:

    • Household Chores;
    • Teenager Life;
    • Birthday Party;
    • Driving & Environment;
    • Chinese Dynasties.

    Grading policy:

    • Quizzes & tests:15%
    • Homework:10%
    • Classwork & participation:15%
    • Performance assessment:60%

    School supplies:

    • A 1.5 binder with dividers folder
    • Papers/pencil/colored pencil for peer review
    • A composition note book
    • Ear phone for listening

    Chinese websites and resources:

    New School year