• Club Objectives:

    • Continue developing members' leadership skills;
    • Provide members with opportunities to serve the communities;
    • Provide members with the opportunities to be inducted for the Chinese Honor Society;

    Community Service Opportunities:

    • Back to School Night Sale( 2 hours);
    • Teach in Elementary School( 2 hours);
    • Help Chinese Parents with English(Varies);

    2021/2022 School Year Officers:


    • Alyssa Glickstein
    • Josh Gabbai
    • Camila Cabrera
    • Emily Yang

    Vice President

    •  Kyle Burger


    • Fundraiser Coordinators: Melanie Sheng/ Briajohnae Jones
    • Secretary: Elizabeth Sleat
    • Treasurer: Maeve Kahora

    Website and Links:

    Last Year's Members

    Community Service