•      Richard Dorry, Student Assistance/Substance Awareness Specialist/School Social Worker
                   908-889-8600 ext. 31549 or  RDorry@spfk12.org


    What is a Student Assistance Coordinator/Counselor?

    The Student Assistance Coordinator is a trained licensed professional that develops and supports the District's Student Assistance Program. A Student Assistance Program is a comprehensive approach that provides services which are designed to reduce risk factors, promote protective factors and increase asset development. The Student Assistance Coordinator/Counselor helps to put prevention and intervention components into place. Early identification, intervention,  counseling, support and aftercare opportunities are provided for students and families on an individual basis. Short-term counseling is provided to ensure a continuous quality of services when necessary. The goal is to gain a better understanding of oneself. One can always learn new strategies to cope, even with situations that can't be changed.

    Counseling Works! The Student Assistance Coordinator/Counselor is a school resource that may be helpful to an individual and their family. Talking with someone who understands gets things out of one's head, which reduces stress and unnecessary worrying. Exploring possible options for change can uncover ways to deal with problems that may not have been considered before. 

    Everything is CONFIDENTIAL except if there are threats to harm another or self, domestic violence, bullying, child abuse or neglect, court order or if an individual gives permission.

    Students seek the SAC program for a variety of reasons such as:
    Drugs/Alcohol Use & Abuse
    Relationship Issues (peer/social)
    Family Issues Stress 
    Eating Disorders 
    General Support Other
    Mental Health Issues