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    Our United Communities

    The Township of Scotch Plains and the Borough of Fanwood are two small towns with one big heart. There is something for everyone in these diversified, welcoming communities.  The two neighborhoods offer attractive homes of every variety, open parks as well as a growing number of locally owned shops and restaurants which are avidly supported by these towns of approximately 30,000 residents. 

    The Scotch Plains-Fanwood Public School District is a large part of these communities.  With an active and diverse student body of nearly 5,500 students in Preschool through 12th grade learning in eight buildings, the schools of SP-F strive to create a nurturing environment where all students can learn and thrive. The District not only celebrates academic growth but fosters students’ interests in the arts, athletics and co-curricular activities with numerous programs.  It speaks to the spirit of these towns and these schools that there are many students in our schools that are second or even third generation Scotch Plains – Fanwood students. Additionally, the welcoming heart of our unified towns is reflected in the open arms extended to all newcomers who strengthen the rich tapestry of the community.



    Our Schools

    Scotch Plains-Fanwood is a regional school district comprised of students in Grades Preschool-Grade12 from the Township of Scotch Plains and the Borough of Fanwood. The district has five elementary schools (Preschool-Grade 4), 2 middle schools (Grades 5-8), and one comprehensive high school (Grades 9-12).


    Elementary Program Guidelines

    Kindergarten entrance age: 5 years old on or before October 1
    First grade entrance age: 6 years old on or before October 1
    Policy 5111 (View Policy)
    The elementary schools emphasize the development of strong communication and computation skills through a basic program of reading, language arts including process writing, mathematics, science, and social studies. Classes in art, vocal and instrumental music, physical education, and health (including chemical dependency and family life education) are taught by specialists in those subjects. Instruction in the use and application of computers is integrated into the content areas. A library/media program, designed to teach children study and research skills, is also fully integrated into all curriculum areas. "Reading Recovery," an early intervention program for students least ready to learn to read, is available in each building.
    Preschool - Grade 4 Program of Studies (View and download PDF)
     Attendance Area by Street