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    Please join us Tueday, December 11, 2018, in the multi-purpose room of SPFHS at 7pm for Hall of Fame inductions.  Four new alumni will be inducted into the Hall of Fame.  Hear their stories.  Refreshments follow the ceremony. Open to all.  Please also remember that nominations are being accepted for future prospective inductees to the Hall of Fame.  Nominate an alumni you know or know of who has made a difference!
    Attention all alumni: The continued existence of the SPFHS Alumni Association is in question.  This is because, although we have many members, we currently have very few volunteers to do our work.  If you can help, please email  spfhsalumni@aol.com  or call President Laura Swidersky at (908) 889-2084.
    Newsletter Editor Needed!!   Would you or someone you know like to volunteer to be our newsletter editor?  (2 or more newsletters per year for our 400 plus members.  Examples of what you might like to include: SPFHS alumni news, class reunions, passings, school news, alumni articles, etc.)   You'd be free to use your own style and format.  You can make it your own!  You'd be the contact person year-round to receive and gather alumni news to be published. To volunteer to be our editor, or for more info, please call President Laura Swidersky at (908) 889-2084 or email us at spfhsalumni@aol.com.  Thank you so much !!  Also let us know if you'd be interested in gathering the above mentioned news and information year-round for us, and posting it to a Facebook page for us!  Right now, we have no editor.  Having an editor would allow us to do a newsletter.  We've been doing newsletters for years, but we have not had any ediitons recently due to being without an editor.  So please spread the word, and contact us.  Any time you can give is appreciated!
    2018 Alumni Association Scholarship Winners
    Congratulations to two caring, compassionate young men: Anthony Di Nizo and Karl Wirth.  Click here to read their biographies.
    Karl's scholarship was anonymously donated by a former graduate, and good friend of Thomas Montagna, class of 1951, in memory of Thomas, his classmate.  With your support, we are proud to continue to award scholarships every spring to students who are descended from at least one SPFHS alumni.
    Thanks to a donation by an anonymous alumni, a  scholarship in memory of Thomas Montagna will be given by the SPF Scholarship Foundation annually for many future years.

    2017 Alumni Association Scholarship Winners
    left to right: Callen Leahy, Kiera DeProspero, President Laura Swidersky '44,
    Gianna Januzanis, Taylor Sirchio


    Thank you to the Class of 1976, an anonymous alumnus, and others!  Thanks to your donations, and to those who have purchased a brick in our Alumni Walkway to Perry Tyson Field (an ongoing project), we were able to award four scholarships this year!


    2016 Alumni Association Scholarship Winners


    All in the SPFHS Family: 2016 scholarship winners and the SPFHS alumni they are descended from: from left to right: James Lambert '84, Janet Wylie Lambert '82 , Rachel Lambert '16, SPFHS Alumni Association President Laura DiFrancesco Swidersky '44, John Marquardt '16, John Marquardt '81.



    Marie DiFrancesco Leppert '44 (a founding Alumni Association member), and Laura DiFrancesco Swidersky '44, (longtime President of the Alumni Association), congratulate 2016 SPFHS Alumni Association scholarship recipients Rachel Lambert and John Marquardt


    If you are interested in making a donation towards our future scholarships, please contact us.  
    Year after year, we are so impressed when we meet our scholarship recipients.  They are fine young women and men.   They make us proud and give us great hope for our collective future!   Please join us in meeting our 2019 scholarship winner(s) and their families at our May 2019 meeting.  Enjoy refreshments and socialize with the winners and fellow alumni.   If you email us at spfhsalumni@aol.com, we will send you an email (bcc) once the date and time of the meeting is announced, and keep you up to date of other alumni association news.

    Click here for biographies of our scholarship recipients.

    Do you know of an SPFHS alumni who is making the world or their community a better place, or has distinguished her or himself? Please nominate them for the SPFHS Hall of Fame today!

    We owe a great debt of gratitude to the dedicated alumni who have been officers and chairpeople of the SPFHS Alumni Association over the years.   Many of them have performed multiple functions and held office for many many consecutive years.   They are now looking to pass the torch on, to you, the next generation of leaders.   Email us at spfhsalumni@aol.com if you would like to be one of these leaders.
    Join the SPFHS Alumni Association!  We suggest becoming a Lifetime Member so you will not need to send in your dues each year in order to remain a member.
    If you are planning a reunion, please tell us about it.   Email spfhsalumni@aol.com   Thank You!
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