• Mr. Bortnick
    Scott Bortnick
    What made you decide on a career in education?
    I worked with kids in a summer program and realized I wanted to help kids navigate school and schooling.
    What do you like most about being a Principal?
    The opportunity to interact with kids and to advocate for kids
    What's your favorite snack food?
    Salty stuff I suppose...not really a sweets person
    How do you like to relax?
    Watch sports- Yankess, Giants, Rangers, Knicks...although for a long time the Knicks have not brought me much in the way of relaxation
    How does your inner child react to the snow day call?
    Excited... to work from home.
    Is there anything else you'd like everyone to know about you?
    I cook dinner every night for my family and most nights they like it : )