Transportation Services

    Transportation Supervisor
    (908) 232-6161 x41309
    Bus Pass Letters will be sent via email closer to the beginning of school.
    VoTech students who meet the mileage criteria of 2.5 miles from the VoTech are eligible to ride the 2 shuttles we provide from SPFHS.  They leave at 7:30 a.m. and 2 shuttles are provided at dismissal from the VoTech to return the students to SPFHS.  The shuttles do run even when the SPF district is closed, with the exception of inclement weather.  Please note, if the SPF school district has scheduled a closing due to inclement weather, and it is unsafe for our buses to travel, there will not be shuttles to/from the VoTech if they are open.  It is important to also pay attention to what our district is doing on inclement weather days if you are relying on the shuttles to get to/from the VoTech.  
    Subscription Busing is only offered once we have had an opportunity to evaluate if we have space to open it up accordingly.  If we do, the current fee is $950.00 per child and you will receive an invitation to apply via email from our Business Administrator.

    Please contact Mrs. Rodriguez with questions or concerns.