PTA Council Calendar of Events 2019-2020

  • SEPTEMBER 2019

    25th - PTA President's Meeting - 10:00am

    OCTOBER 2019

    15th- Candidates Night at BOE Office- 7:30pm

    16th - PTA President's Meeting- 9:00am

    NOVEMBER 2019

    13th- Meet the NEW Superintendent!! Terrill Middle School - 9:00am 

    18th- PTA Council Fall Education Forum- Discussion Topic and location TBD- 7:00pm

    20th- PTA Council Meeting at BOE Office- 9:30am 

    DECEMBER 2019

    18th- PTA President's Meeting and Luncheon- 10:00am

    JANUARY 2020

    22nd- PTA Council meeting at BOE Office- 9:30am

    30th- PTA Honors the BOE at regular Public Board meeting- 8:00pm

    FEBRUARY 2020

    4th- Coffee with the Board of Education- Park Middle School - 7:30pm

    19th - PTA President's Meeting- 7:00pm

    MARCH 2020

    18th- Coffee with the Superintendent - Park Middle School - 7:00pm

    APRIL 2020

    22nd- PTA President's Meeting- 9:00am

    MAY 2020

    5th - United for a Cause 5K - 6:30pm at Fanwood Scotch Plains Y

    7th - PTA Council meeting and Past President's Luncheon- BOE Office- 10:00am

    JUNE 2020

    3rd- PTA President's Meeting and End of Year Luncheon for District Staff and Principals- 10:00am